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Slip Slidin'

It is my nature to note the irony in life and this morning, I heard an old song that has long been a favorite because in one line the writer states the entire irony of human life. That line is, "The nearer our destination, the more we're slip slidin' away..."

That is the truth of our physical lives on earth. The more we learn and grow inwardly, the more our bodies fail us and as we grow stronger, we are also growing weaker and less able to act upon the store of knowledge that we've gained over our lifetime. All that belongs to human beings is truly, vanity for it is there but for a moment and then it withers and fades. People we have loved and have clung to disappear from our lives either by misunderstanding or death or distance and nothing in our lives is certain. We search for what is true and try to hang on but the reality is, we are slipping away. Though we seek a destination the destination of all living is to simply fade away.

In my life, I have dreamed many dreams and made many choices and by them, sought to set my destination. However, my destiny is not my own and a creature that is slipping away hasn't the power to conclude that which is dreamed of. I am nearer my destiny but it is not the destiny of my dreams for my destiny is not of my choosing or making.

None of us belong to ourselves. We don't choose the day we are born nor the day we die. We are cast upon the tides of life in seeming chaotic fashion, on a journey with a destination unknown. Though we seek by our own power to gain mastery and become the captain of our lives, all our strength is vanity for none of us belong to ourselves; but all of us belong wholly to God and our destiny is His choosing and not ours. We can't win when we fight against the tide and we know not when we will find land or what that land will be like.

We have but one choice before us; either to boast with trust in ourselves and delude ourselves into thinking that by our own strength, we will meet the destiny of our choosing. Or choose to surrender to God, Who truly owns each of us and be made secure in His love for us. Our days in this life will either be spent in a vain struggle against God for control of our lives or in joy in knowing that though all seems chaotic, we are safe in the surety of His hands.

It is in Jesus Who is the Way that our way has been made secure. There is no other way for God is no respecter of persons. All men and women are equal before Jesus.

John 9:39 Jesus said, "For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.
There is nothing in which we may boast for none of us even belong to ourselves. There is no other Way to the security that is only in God except through Jesus. There is no hope and no Life in any other but Jesus. All other hopes and all other ways are vanity for the destiny of humanity is not of our own choosing but instead, of our accepting.

All that I have gained in this life will be lost to me. No one that I love is mine to keep forever and nothing I have built will last forever. My words, my hopes, and my dreams will all fade as a vapor. As my strength and health vanish, I too will slip from my own grasp. Only in Jesus is my life secure and it is not of my own choosing but of my surrender. My destination is chosen for me by my maker and my owner. In the sureness of Jesus' love, it is secure. Though this life is slipping away, in Jesus I'm nearing the fullness of completion. I will arrive safely on shore and awake with His likeness. My eyes will be opened and I will see the face of Jesus. My eyes will behold love and in Jesus I will be held for all eternity.

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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
This was a very fine summation of the whole of the great Book of Ecclesiastes, Pam. (especially the final chapter, 12). I have always felt that ECCLESIASTES was one of the greatest (and most under-rated) books of the Bible. and I think you have captured *the essence* of its message here in this little essay on the irony of life...and the greatness of our *dependence* upon GOD and His mercy and pardon of sin.

A friend of mine once observed (and I never forgot the insight of the observation)...that "I think GOD sees us pretty much as awkward children stumbling over this and that, bumping in the furniture, ... spilling the milk at the table, and generally in need of much patience and understanding." - THANK GOD ! He is a wise and patience and merciful GOD to His children ! . . . THANK GOD, most of all, for the infinite grace and mercy at Calvary outpoured.
Permalink 10/16/06 @ 00:12
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Len,

I thought that perhaps I had missed with this as you are the first to comment. Actually, I didn't mean to sum up Ecclesiastes but that book too sums up the irony of life on the horizontal plan, it takes the verticle also to bring our lives into focus. There just isn't any hope outside of God and the only Way to God is Jesus.

God bless, len.

Permalink 10/16/06 @ 00:23
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
and your essay emphasized also the wisdom of understanding this: THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD in CHOSING and forming "vessels of both honor and dishonor." - Personally, I am convinced this "ultimate choice" was SEALED during the time of ULTIMATE TESTING when all spirits made *their choice* on *whose side* they had cast their lot: YESHUA, ... or lucifer, "the anointed cherub that once covered The Throne," and fell: far as far can be fallen into darkness and opposition to that which is right, Light, and righteous and Truth.

Let us be wise to choose YESHUA. - HE IS THE LORD, ... and there is no other. all else is vanity and "chasing after the wind." all which oppose Him are doomed to dishonor and disgrace.
Permalink 10/16/06 @ 00:24

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