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"The Liberty of an Abiding Life with Christ"

If you enjoy listening to Mike Wells, you will really like this ...

Linda Guy of Abiding Life Ministries International was recently at Faith Bible Church in Bourne, TX to do a women's conference - "The Liberty of an Abiding Life with Christ."

The audio was recorded and made available on a set of CDs from the church. Also you can click each link below to listen to the audio on your computer (made from the CDs). You can even download the files and burn them to a CD so that you can listen to them in your car. Please note, that if you order the CD's from the church, they fit on 7 CD's, but my audio has been sqeezed by trimming the silence out. You can fit these recording on fewer CD's (approx 4.) You can listen through them in 4 hours and 24 minutes ... verses 5 hours and 18 minutes on the original. Let me know if you would prefer the slower playing original tracks and I will happily make them available to you, or contact the church and order them directly (I think they delivered to me for $10 US all 7 CDs).


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