Post details: "Jesus loves porn stars" is not a balanced statement, but I don't care.


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"Jesus loves porn stars" is not a balanced statement, but I don't care.

by Trent

Consider these two truths.

  • Making porn is a sin.
  • Jesus loves sinners, like porn stars.

The first item in the list has saturated our culture. The second item is no less true, but it is counter-culture.

In fact, I would say that the culture would leave the impression that the opposite of point 2 is the reality.

So the effective cultural message is that "Jesus can't love those who sin, and make porn movies." I can only imagine, but I would assume that a poll of porn stars would reflect the imprint of this cultural message, that is counter-truth.

The underlining cultural supposition is that Jesus has no reason to love you, unless you reform your behavior first and quit making porn.

This is a hopeless case, because it is the radical reckless love of God that is power of God to life-change. The love of Jesus poured out to Mary the prostitute crushed her and she refused to leave His side once she understood that Jesus knew she was a sinner, and that it could not stop His love for her. Or the woman, by the well ... a noted adulterer, she spread the news around town that the Messiah was here, once she realized that He knew about her sin, and He offered her living water anyway. The list goes on, the man next to Jesus on the cross ... the woman who washed His feet, etc. etc. All of them were forgiven of much, and they loved much. (yet all where told by the culture that they were unlovable.)

Sometimes, I want to speak the truth about God's love, particularly when it goes against the cultural errors of our day. There is nothing misleading in the statement that "Jesus loves porn stars" ... and even if they quit being porn stars, He would not love them ANY more then He already did as porn stars.

If God waited for us to be lovely to begin to love us, how long would he wait?

If the ABS actually wanted to improve the chances for these porn stars to abandon their profession (who knows, maybe they don't want that?!) then what better way then to use their creative best to explain that Jesus loves them, right where they are ... warts and all?!?

Meanwhile, "Christians" continue to make "repent or burn" signs and scream through bull-horns across the street at porn conventions ... reinforcing the cultural message that Jesus could not possibly love a porn star without the porn star first changing and becoming more lovable.

I know we agree that "Jesus loves porn stars" is NOT a balanced message. But against the overwhelming saturated mindset of our culture, "Jesus loves porn stars" can be a way to PROVIDE more balance where balance is in dire need. IMHO.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Trent,

If it is the message that God has given you, then you have no choice but to be faithful in promoting it. Your statement is not untrue as the statement on the placard is untrue. No matter what people repent of, if they don't have Jesus they don't have Life and their repentance is for not.

Besides, it is good for all of us who were delivered from some or many dispicable sins long ago to remember how we were delivered.

Permalink 04/06/06 @ 12:02
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Maybe we could get Bibles that say, Jesus Loves LawHeads to pass out to the placard carriers as well as Bibles for the pornstars?;-)

Permalink 04/06/06 @ 12:16
Comment from: dorsey [Visitor] ·
I made this comment elsewhere on this topic, but "Jesus loves Porn Stars" is not intended to be a balanced statement. It's intent is to get attention, to cause people to think.

Jesus doesn't think of you in terms of whether you're a porn star or a drunk or a thief. Those are labels WE put on each other in order to highlight the false notion that "we're better than them." We say "Jesus loves porn stars" to shake the erroneous foundations of our beliefs about one another. Most Christians like to say that they see people the way God sees them, but that’s largely bullcrap. It really infuriates a great many Christians to think that Jesus loves pedophiles and serial killers as much as He loves them.
Permalink 04/06/06 @ 12:32
Comment from: Herobill [Visitor] ·
Nice post, Trent. I think I kinda understood all that before - since I have been reading your blog a while! ;)

I hope you don't think I had any problem with the idea of passing out those Bibles. I didn't.

All I said was, do you have enough grace to give the ABS people the right to not participate? Or is a "law head" just someone who doesn't agree with your radical approach?

Maybe you're right, and there's more information you didn't give us... which is fine...

Hey, I'm just asking, here! :~)
Permalink 04/06/06 @ 16:43
Comment from: Roasted Nuts [Visitor]
Who is this Jesus idea and how come he's having all the fun? No, I didn't read the whole stupid article!
Permalink 12/20/06 @ 14:14

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