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Universalism = Salvation by works?

To their credit, most universalists would say that they abhore salvation by works. The thought of someone earning their way to salvation is disdainful to them. And for those reasons, I enjoy fellowshiping with universalists. I wish that more Christians were as steadfast in those two declarations. But, could works-based-salvation sneak into the window or around the back-door for universalists as it has for so many other philosophies?

My flesh is terribly prone to the sick flattery of works-salvation. I'm probably so sensitve to it because I am so afraid of getting trapped back into it. At the risk of sounding hyper-critical, I'm going ahead and expressing one of the things about universalism, as a philosophy, that gives me great pause.

Does universalism (like other teachings) make room for salvation by works?
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Trent,

The more I read theology and about theology the more I love the Bible. Theology spins my head around and gets me looking everywhere except where I should be looking and that is to Christ.

Just don't do one on Catholocism, okay? Catholic theology is like entering the borg, a giant mind-meld with the echo of heretics like me being questioned and then condemned.

I like it best when Christians just share Christ in their life. It's amazing that as long as the conversation stays there, there's nothing to fight about but turn to doctrine and look out...I know doctrine is necessary but the Bible is sufficient for doctrine. We all need the whole counsel of scripture not proof texts singled out by 'scholars' trying to press home their point of view.

After having said all that, if you catch me doing the same...sit me down!


p.s. I'm enjoying reading and in some cases rereading all of these old articles and thinking how each of us has grown over the last few years. You're my favorite pen-pal.:0)
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