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Creator and Creature (by Brent

Outline of Creation, its creatures, and the Salvation of those chosen.

First lets set aside Creation and consider God as He exists within His eternal realm, a realm which we might think of as PRE-ceding Creation but which in reality transcends Creation even now and it wholly unaffected by the Creation. Only Creation Begins and Ends, the Eternal realm exists apart (Holy) from Creation and does not experience time, motion, or change. Though I use the word “realm” this is only meant to distinguish it from Creation and the attributes of Time and Space as they apply only to Creation, I cannot use the word “realm” as if to say God lives IN that realm, rather they are non-distinct from one another, literally God IS that Eternity Realm.

This is where God alone exists and there is simply NO-thing else. He (this Realm) has been described in ancient philosophies as “a mountain whose apex is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”. From our POV and our existence we tend to think “I exist and God exists as an other”, but this is all in all is an unfair juxtaposition for man and God do not exist in the same way in any shape or form. We inappropriately “Equate” our existence as if being equal to God, this is more like reflections (us) upon the waves crests of a pond thinking we exists with the same substance of Being and reality as the living person who is standing peering into the pond. As superlative as real as the person is in relation to those images, so is God superior and superlative to our existence.

So to reiterate we have this Context of an Infinite, Eternal, Immutable Being who exists totally apart (Holy) from the Creation, not as if He lives IN a place but He and the Realm of His existence are One, no inside, no outside, no here and no there, not even a now and a them but forever constant and complete. I express this so that we might confirm that God alone possesses Eternal Being, and this is His Glory and that which He shares with none other, not Satan, not Evil, not Darkness but God before and after, God alone.

Next we will look at the Creation and its Context as supporting the created creatures and their Identities for as God exists as One, none other can exist within the same Context and possess Identity, this is the ultimate idea behind the statement “no man can see God and live” for as stated God lives in a Context all His own.

Creation itself consists of two level of reality, one living and one inert, reflected in the composition of mankind as we reflect the Creation every man is a living soul of Heavenly origin, currently residing in a body of death as the body itself possesses no life of it’s own but is merely a vehicle for the expression of the living soul. What is Created is not only the physical cosmos as we experience presently but the Heavenly reality, Hades, Paradise, all that is not God was thus Created within the Context of time and space. In fact it is only because of time and space that there is any other LOCALITY whereby a “self” consciousness might come forth for as stated previously, the Eternal God alone is the True “I AM”. Time and Space and the veil of Creation is the only thing that allows for even a shadow of existence to exist outside of God, to merge the two a mans self consciousness (soul) and even ALL of Creation would instantly be dissolved to where only God would be left, alone, as the Infinite Self.

I must pause for a moment to correct two grievous errs in theology, first that mankind is “body, soul, and spirit”, the only time this is used in scripture it was referring to those who are twice born, namely born also of God’s Spirit. The Adamic man from whom we derive Creature-hood was a composite of only two principles, the Living breath of life (soul) and the Body formed of the dust. That which is spoken of the man’s “breath” refers to his Created Soul or that which is the true Identity and merely gives life to his dead flesh as it expresses itself through the body. Man does not attain to the third component until such time as He is Born of God also, this I will expand upon later; the second error is the Assumption that when God created Adam it was His own Breath (Spirit), which He breathed into Adam. This error gives birth to such fallacies as an immortal soul or even eternal torment (Hell) despite the fact we are Created and thus outside of the Eternal Context of existence. The Adam man is a Creature only, had Eve understood this she would had thought it better to eat from the Living Tree of Life whereby she would have attained eternal existence rather than seeking to be Godlike simply by experience and knowledge, the same as Christ stated to Nicodemus that Eternity is attained only if one is first Born of the Eternal Spirit.

The Creature is merely Born from the Waters spoken of in Genesis from which God created both the Heavenly sphere (soul) and the Earthly sphere (body). If a man is to live Eternally He must be born also of the Eternal Spirit. Eternity must become one with a man before that man can become one with or enter Eternity.

So to summarize we see God as the Eternal substance of Being, and then we have the Creation with those created creatures that merely reflect the One True I AM.

We can see that God is Holy as He remains aloft from any entanglement in Creation, and in the Creation we can see those Creatures whose very existence depends upon the Creation and its inherent attributes as it is held Separate from the Eternal realm. Now lets say God wants to share the Eternal context of His Being with those whom He created, if the creature and creator were to suddenly enter into the same sphere of existence God would consume them just as mathematically an Infinite consumes every single finite, no matter how big that finite is, it is all consumed into the Infinite Oneness of God.

It can be noted at this point the utter impossibility of Man ever attaining to an infinite existence of himself, by works, knowledge, or even relationship. Job can be no more saved by his own actions that Cain could be, the fact remains each is a Creation, and each is merely a creature. Having established that we should be able to see more clearly exactly what Grace is as it comes down to save us or rather allow man to transcend his creature-hood and attain an existence in the Infinite, that of which it is said a man must also be Born of the Spirit of God.

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Our goal here in Salvation is to introduce man as something new into an unchanging eternal reality without being dissolved of his personal identity, in short “TO SEE GOD AND LIVE”. God must essentially become One with man before man can become One with God, this is accomplished by God inseminating as it were a SEED form of His own Being into the Creation, when this Seed manifest in the Context of Time and Space in Creation it takes upon itself a particular Identity, namely “The Only Begotten Son of God”, manifest first as a soul Identity in the Heavenly sphere (Angel of the Lord/YHVH), the one we see not only walking in the garden with Adam but also whom Abraham confronted on his way to Sodom. And later manifest in a body of flesh as Jesus, from Mary He receives His physical body, but His essence of Being is direct from the Father. Though He APPEARS as one of us, as a created creature just as He possesses time and space Identity, His true nature is from the Father Himself that transcends not only the physical and earthly cosmos but His Being transcends even the Heavenly Creation with all its hosts of angels and even Paradise itself with its Heavenly Temple and Throne. Even in this Heavenly realm His origins are a mystery.

Christ is the SEED of God’s transcendent Being, descending and manifesting in the Creation, and the Salvation He brings is to make Himself ONE with the Creature, hence the Creature is Born of God’s Spirit and becoming something entirely New, a Child of God even as God’s seed is within him. ALL created Being are not God’s children contrary to most church sentiments, only those who have receive God’s Spirit are His children, and these alone have attain eternal existence not by works but as a gift (grace) even as the Spirit was poured out upon them. Just as God breathed into Adams body the created souls thus bring life to Adam’s flesh, so does Christ breaths into man this time the Holy Spirit, His own Spirit even as He is the first Begotten, so that man might attain to what Adam never had, eternal Being and existence. God makes men eternal by literally giving them His own Eternal Being by way of His Seed.

Having discussed the beginning and the present lets now look at the end, that which is the Consummation of the Creation and the final dividing of the sheep (twice born) from those who are merely Creatures (once born). The Lake of Fire, that which consumes ALL, even Hades as it consumes all Creation, Heavenly as well as this present physical cosmos and death itself, both Soul and Body. This judgment is as if God is removing the veil that separate His existence from those whom inhabit the created realms of soul and body, and God thus CONSUMES all that was ever created, angel, demon, soul, all but Himself. And only those who have become one in Spirit with the Son are able to withstand the Fire since they themselves are descended from the Fire, having been born of God previously. God consumes everything but not Himself, nor that which is begotten of Him for God cannot consume Himself.

Just as the first death concerns the body, by which it’s Identity is lost as the elements of it return back into their collective pools, so does the Second Death dissolve all created things being dissolved back into the nothingness from which they were created, bodies as well as soul because even time and space are being dissolved in the consummation.

At least 99 times to 1 do the scriptures present a context of “destruction”, “perishing”, or “death” as to the fate of mankind, and I am not even sure the scriptures ever address man as being subject to torment but only the Serpent and False prophet which have yet to be proven to be actually Beings in their own right rather that symbolic influences or systems of thought. The insurmountable hurdle for those who would present an eternal place of torment (Hell) is that they must, contrary to Gods clear designation, attribute Eternal being to the wicked. How can one be eternally in torment and yet not possess eternal life and existence.

You see even as a parent when my children do something wrong and I must discipline them I cannot in good conscience hurt them as a retaliation for their disobedience, my only goal is to create pressure so that the behavior does not repeat itself in the future, the past is gone and does not matter anymore. As a parent if I were to retaliate as such I would be no better than a child on the playground trying to hurt another who hurt me (even on accident), neither is my discipline focused upon my own ego, my need to be obeyed without question, that would be evil even for me as a human being. How is it I should think of God in ways that are contrary to His own nature, as if He is pettier than myself? It is mankind that can hardly endure an insult without speaking up in his own defense and God, or rather His Son that keeps His mouth shut as He is being treated unfairly knowing that Truth is an eventual reality that must without question manifest its own reality of Being, even as every lie with be eventually exposed for the nothingness it is.

God is not coming to punish the wicked for even as they exist of temporal nature does wrath remain forever upon them as it is only a matter of time. Rather God come to inseminate souls with the Life of His own Being so that those who but Creatures have been Begotten of Eternal Being and shall enter into His Presence to exist forever with Him. That which we call the sinful nature is simply that nature which “Misses the Mark”, Created Being without a doubt falls short of Eternal Being. And Salvation is the Gift of God’s Eternal Being that brings eternal existence to those so touched, those untouched are dissolved in the consummation of all things.


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