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File this under background ...

I have contributed to for years.

I host one forum on Delphi, called "The Life." The Life is different then any other forum that I know of. The Life was first a place to hide my sarcasm and parody articles where I would not be kicked out for them ... Later, I realized an oportunity. I could make The Life a place where anyone and everyone, could be free and not worry about being moderated and ousted for expressing themselves.

I then made it available for ANYBODY to have as much moderating power at The Life as I did. I then encouraged them to agree to take the same limitations that I do for when to edit / delete / or remove. I asked that everyone pray and obey. And not do anything with their power UNLESS God commanded them to do exactly that. Then they would post a special alert that if they did not take the action that they took, it would have been in direct rebellion to God's specific call on them to do so.

That was years ago, and to this date there has been the fewest incidents of abuse then in any other forum that I am aware of.

Recently, I compiled some old things that I said about the reasons why I openned moderation abilities to everyone.

Here are some explanations that I have given in the past (corrected for spelling):

from 1340.35 in reply to Len """Some people hold a club over people's heads and land blows every time they err. I tend to hold crowns over their heads ... warts and all ... and hope that they grow into the crown ... in time. / I don't think that my plan is perfect, but it is heavy on my heart to do ... so I'll be true to my calling, and by all means ... allow you to rebuke/reprove people like you might normally do. """

from 1340.23 in reply to Len, who wrote:{Does this mean you are going to give Mr.Redbeard FULL REIGN TO ATTACK AND malign AND INSULT ALL HE LIKES?} to which I replied:"""I can only give or deny secondary permission. Primary permission is granted from The Lord ... for He permits all things that He COULD prevent. / I don't think that my adversaries were permitted to come against me as a mistake by God, and I don't feel like I need to fix what the Lord goofed in sending them. They are come against me for a reason, and I trust that there is a harvest in enduring the irritation of every calamity. ... / Lets encourage each other when irritations come to pass ... to bear them, and to not be offended. We don't have to minimize the trouble. We let the pressure push us near to Jesus, so in that we give way to all pressure and let Jesus do all the pushing back. / I need encouragement in this often, so it is my turn to invest that encouragement into you, so that you will be ready when I need it in return. ...."""

from 1340.22 in reply to Len """God allows me to sin everyday. And if He found this impossible to bear ... the sight of me sinning ... then He could end it. He could end ME. I fear not the one that can edit my posts, or revoke my Delphi membership. I fear the ONE that can destroy the body and soul. / It is out of this reverence that I do not take His place in the matter of punishing sin. I let it go right on by me. Rather I have a new way to encourage a quicker maturing of the people that post here. This is simple and profound, what I have done by making everyone able to post, and moderate. I tell them to only moderate when God gives them specific command to specifically alter specific word(s) in a specific post. And then to specify to all that to have done anything other then the specific command, they would have been in direct disobedience. / Why does this mature those that participate? Simple: They are waiting on the Lord and listening to Him for specific instructions. / Let me ask you, Len ... there are many forums where people are posting away without any consideration to the Lord Jesus, and I am trying to make a place where people are waiting on the Lord Jesus and considering Him as the ultimate moderator. Where would you expect to find the greatest Light? Where would you expect to find the most saltiness? / Well, if "The Life" goes away, or becomes an exclusive club to elite moderators ... we may never find out. / Please, do your part, and always take each time that you enter this place as another opportunity to be used by God, and to wait upon Him before taking even trivial decisions. I encourage all others to do the same. / Those that need that encouragement the most are those that have the least self-control. / Pick the most insane person that you know, and bring them here to be a moderator and see what God does, as they are corporately encouraged to wait upon the Lord. Then find another that is even more insane. .... and more insane. / Those that are self-controlled will get minimal impact, because they are already waiting on the Lord, and listening for His voice. """

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Comment from: Ambree C. [Visitor] THAT'S a concept! That's a great way to foster complete freedom of thought. where can I apply such a concept as that?  Lemme pray about that. ;)

Ambree C.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
I thought you might find that interesting.
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Comment from: Pam [Member]

Hi Trent,

This was very informative for me. I wondered what the heck happened!

I am pleased that you were tenderhearted toward someone that I am also tederhearted toward and so many seem to take pleasure in tormenting.

I love the goal of holding crowns over peoples heads rather than clubs. That one is a treasure that I will stash in a place that I can quickly access!



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