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What is this about Trent and universalism?

More then one reader has inquired about what I have to say against the doctrine of Universalism.

Well, I have alot to say about it. Maybe too much!

I'm trying to reduce my thoughts to only a few dense articles, but the compression is taking a while.

Here is what I wrote to one email inquiry this morning:

Most people critique Universalism because it is too merciful/grace-ish ... and because of that, dogmatic Universalist have developed their belief system with the appropriate proof-texts that preserve their viewpoint to their own satisfaction against legalistic criticism.

I am not like most.
Though I have refutation for Universalist, mine are not like any other critiques that are common.

My criticism is primarily focused on legalism within Universalism (hard to believe, isn't it?) and the reversal of the mechanics of redemption with regard to man and God.

While these are admittedly fine points of contention, they are sufficient (in my view) to dismantle universalism as a orthodox theology.

My hope would be that Universalists would find my critiques to be far more liberating and grace-oriented and scriptural, and that they would not let universalism to steal their freedom any longer. However, I suspect that self-exaltation (click link) will interfere, and most people will make war with me, rather then address my critiques on their merits or lack thereof.

I realize now, that I haven't even begun to answer your question. That's okay, I am going to answer it in a few upcoming blogs that address universalism in the coming days. Right now, a couple of the posts are being honed as drafts, and I'll probably release all of them at once, so that context can be derived from each other.

Thanks for your patience. I'll look forward to your feedback when you get a chance to read what I am going to publish.

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Comment from: Lori [Visitor]
Hey Trent.. well I have to say that self-exaltation.. really hits between the ears.. ha ha .. we could all examine ourselves on that. 
Well it comes down to simplicity... it comes down to men/woman have to stop fighting on issues, He is the issue.  We need to stop preaching from the tree of good and evil and point to the tree of LIFE.. which is HIM...

Wow.. as I write this.. I am convicted as well to change to be like HIM..

Lord help us to see the Christ in each other.. Help us to stop pointing fingers at one another and point only to YOU... .

from one who loves to sit at the feet of Jesus but often gets caught up .. like Martha with day to day life.. grrr.. .

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

I thank God that we can speak to each other this way.

Few would have your tender response to that self-exaltation article, so it must not have been anything that I said.

Rather this has been the message to your heart as well as mine.

I've been out of town for a while, and I'm almost ready to work on some old articles.

Thanks for your patience while I was getting a chance to get back with you.

Still ripening,
There was one other thing that I wanted to say, but I've already said it here.
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