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Rare insight from Ken

Ken Visscher has a BLOG where he is sharing his deepest spiritual insights and revelations. Check it out, but start from the bottom (older posts) and work towards the top. The sequence is somewhat important, as the blog is turning out to be a bit of an online book of sorts.

Now, Ken is not the first universalist that I am encouraging you to check out. So, before anyone else asks ... No, I am not a universalist, though my understanding might look that way from a limited perspective.

(I'll get into specifics on where universalist go wrong, and what they have right ... but not in this entry.)

So what is so rare about Ken?

What is rare about Ken and a few other universalist, is that the overall context of their faith doesn't suffer from the elevation of human souls that is so common among other universalists. Universalists tend to elevate mankind and make the souls of men the pennicle of creation ... even indespensable to the Creator, as if the universal survivablility of human souls clears God's name so that He will be blameless. This elevates every soul as if each of them inherently HAS real life by default, not so different then New Age teaching, and that wrath at the end of the age that is said to imperil that life really doesn't somehow (and usually that somehow is just explained that God is just somehow "all in all.")

Clearly, Ken, and the other universalists that I have linked to, demonstrate that the harvest of souls is not the key point of Creation. Rather it is the manifestion of God's character - the Glory of God. They always trace it back to His Glory.

Anyway, I'll post more specifics about universalism later, but for now I hope the explaination above is sufficient to express why I can happily endorse universalists like Ken.

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Comment from: Sarah [Visitor]
------I deleted it.
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Comment from: herobill [Visitor] ·

Hey.  Thanks for the explanation.  Truth is, I barely understand what you're explaining, but I think I really appreciate it!  (Maybe. I'm not sure.)    :)

Glory to God!  That part I like!

Keep up the good work!  :)

Permalink 11/16/05 @ 20:36
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Thanks Bill,

My discernment does not surpass many that are universalists.

There is NO reason for me to take aim at universalists as they are MUCH further along then most. So, I'm in no rush to hash out my points of disagreement with universalism. I'll get around to it someday, as we go along.

Still Ripening,


Permalink 11/17/05 @ 07:27
Comment from: Nancy [Visitor]

I really enjoy your site. As a recovering legalist who is leaning towards a universal reconciliation view but still with reservations, I found Ken's writings, well, strange. He does certainly exalt God over man and had a lot of excellent points, but I'm not sure I believe the visions he has had of Jesus, sounds far fetched to me.I usually hear these types of things from hyper-charismatics. And some of his views I wouldn't subscribe to. I lean more towards Martin Zender's views.

Permalink 11/17/05 @ 15:13
Comment from: caucazhin [Visitor]
Trent I wonder you think of Romans 2:12-15.I am not a universalist either but I think there will be alot of surprises on judgement day as it relates to non Christians and I think the above verse makes this quite clear.Also"Not everyone who says to me LORD LORD will enter the kingdom of heaven but the one who does the will of my father who is in heaven.On that day many will say to me Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your name and cast out demons and do many wonderful works in your name?And I will declare to them,I knew you not you workers of iniquity".Two things come to mind for me first of all that only Christians would be using his name and second who would be arrogant enough to try and brag to God if they had done something in his name?So anyway I sure don't wish anyone to hell because in reality you would only be putting your own head in the gillateen but (UNFORTUNETLY)I think Ken is dead wrong and there are just to many scriptures that prove him wrong.
Permalink 11/17/05 @ 19:29
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
What I said here
Is likely to apply to each of us, which includes Ken.

I still encourage reading Ken's blog, for those that want to reach beyond the low hanging fruit, and ponder things worth pondering.

Still ripening,
Permalink 11/17/05 @ 19:49
Comment from: caucazhin [Visitor]
Trent I read your page and I highly agree with it to a certian point and that point is that there are certian things God absolutely doesn't want anyone especially his children to be ignorant about and that is the REALITY of hell.Its real as is Gods justice and wrath and we shouldn't for a second pretend it isn't.You can't tell me for a second that The Pharoh is in heaven.It aint so because if it is than your talking HYPER HYPER CALVINISM.God predestined everyone to go to heaven?You have to twist and turn scripture and God doesn't contradict Himself."He wishes all to come to repentance and that none would be lost" specifically implying that many won't.Wide is the Gate my friend I don't like it either but then again I didn't like being born under the wrath of God in original sin either but its a reality.PEACE
Permalink 11/18/05 @ 19:23
Comment from: Kenneth B Visscher [Visitor] ·
Greetings all. Thank you for responding to my writings at the site and the doctrine I hold to. . Mine is not a doctrine I can claim to my own, but rather that which was placed into me by the Holy Spirit. The definition of "universalist" is somewhat confusing for in my understanding there are two kinds of universalists. There is one who is based on new age doctrines and contemplates the life of the Lord in each member of humanity regardless of their stature and place. I do not agree with that kind of universalism. Rather, I believe what Jesus said, that "Ye must be born again". And no one can come into the spiritual experience of walking with the Lord without being first born of the Spirit. So in that sense I believe the words of Paul who stated that each one would come "in their own order" 1 Cor 15:23. In this reality we are noted to be people whom God draws according to the timing of His will, not man's. For Paul also said "So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy."
Romans 9:16. See also

I find that the doctrines of eternal torment and of a selective salvation by the Lord are in point of fact the real contradictions to truth, not the truth that the Lord will redeem all in due time when He moves upon them. I also find that to relegate salvation to the beating of the heart and the breathing of the lungs - to be the probationary time for salvation to happen, is also an affront to scripture. If that were true, then why did Jesus go preach to the spirits in prison, those who died in the flood? 1 Peter 3:19.

Rather than run down the visions I have had and the writings I have done, perhaps each one who is opposite to what I write should take the time needed to wait on the Lord in their own personal closets of prayer. Allow the Lord to tell you personally without any preconceived denominational ideas to cloud your reason in the Holy Ghost.

My pretext for believing that Jesus Christ is indeed the savior of the world is due to my own personal encounter with Him, not anything else. It is that encounter and view of the Christ which gives me the knowledge that His love extends to all, even those that peirced Him. Then this knowledge I have by meeting the Savior is coupled with the knowledge of scripture which comes by careful study and exhaustive research.

I choose not to defend spiritual visions or anything that causes people turmoil because of the things I have seen, but rather we will allow time and the historical record to bear out the truth of these things.

In my faith, the work of Christ on Calvary and then His resurrection is the most incredible miracle Jesus did next to saving my own life. And I know that in time this will extend to every nation and every people, each one individually and of course to each one as relates to the time frame and nation they dwelt in. Christ's salvation is not based on our time frames, but upon His precious blood He spilt for us upon the cross. That is my doctrine.
Kenneth B Visscher

Permalink 02/28/07 @ 09:56
Comment from: Kenneth B Visscher [Visitor] ·
I'd like to add one more comment to what I wrote above. One of the things that has become apparent in this day is the deluded revelation most of Christianity holds as truth concerning the person of the Lord. Christianity, almost for the whole part, has a view of the Lord that is not based on the Lord Himself, but upon what they 'perceive' the Lord to be. This deluded faith is an affront to truth and to the person of Jesus Himself, for they are looking at what I term "The Son Of Perdition". Jesus first coined that word in John 17:12 stating that this son of perdition was the only thing He would not save. Everything else is salvagable! What is that son of perdition? IT IS YOUR CARNAL FALLEN NATURE.

I wrote a 45 chapter book at my site called "The Royal Ephod". In that study I show the God which Moses knew as I Am THAT I AM. And then I show this perdition that 99.9% of churchianity is looking at who looks like Jesus, talks like Jesus, acts like Jesus, blesses like Jesus, prophecies like Jesus and is identical to Jesus in every single respect - BUT IT IS NOT JESUS. When you stand the real Jesus up beside the perdition He said He would not save, you have identical twins. This is the other Lord who is false and is not I AM THAT I AM but is I AM "AS" GOD. We are warned of this by The Apostle Paul in 2 Thess ch 2. This warning was the one singular clue we have concerning the coming again of Jesus, that first there would be this perdition sitting in the seat of God "AS" God.

However, there is one small clue that shows us that one is false and one is true, and that clue is found in the Ephod worn by the High Priest in ancient Israel. Exodus 25:7.

The Ephod is now worn by our great High Priest Jesus Christ the risen Lord and the Ephod imitation that is worn by this imitator who sits in the seat of God "AS" GOD. These two Ephod's have a vital difference. The one perdition wears IS MISSING THE THIRD ROW OF STONES, THE LIGUIRE, THE AGATE AND THE AMETHYST.

I wrote on this at

If you wish to become serious about walking with the Lord, get your bible out and study this, find out what part of perdition you are worshipping as truth and what part truly is of the Lord in you. The surprise may change the direction you are presently walking in. Rather than get all worked up about me believing that Jesus is the savior of the world, why not find out WHO JESUS IS? That way you'd have some impetus to your faith rather than just holding to doctrines which will eventually be burned off by judgment.

Kenneth B Visscher
Permalink 02/28/07 @ 10:55
Comment from: Kathy Collins [Visitor]
Hi Ken: I've been reading these many thoughts here, but I find sound doctrine in what you are saying. Very well put and understandable to me. Who ever is upset by your Visions. Joel tells us that God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh,and "the old men will have dreams and the young men will have visions." Hand maidens shall prophecy". We have to come into the Image of Jesus Christ. That's what He is doing with His choosen Elect ones. It's a State of Being in/like Him. That carnal man in each of us has to be dealt with, especialy His sons. We are His righteous ones and we are being made by His hands. Jesus Christ is the first Fruit of the first Fruits. As this time or age goes on this is where we are at now. Being made Like Him. He has ways of doing this very well. There's an Army of God marching across this land,not manifested to all at first,that Army is and will clean up what Carnal man has made a mess of. Judge-ment is what we are experiencing now. The Burning Fires of God.Where everything not like Him is being burnt up and consumed. We are being changed. The Pure Unadulterated Living Word of God is what's coming forth in this hour. And I thank God for those who are willing to lay their life down for the brethern. His choosen Elect are set aside. It's not a glammerous thing,very humbling and most of us are not manifested yet but soon we will be.We are God's Goverment set on this earth for His righteousness to be done. Ken keep up the good work. It's Life giving.Most of the things you say are confirmation to me.But those things I have to lay my own ideas down on,I just put them on the shelf until God gives me understanding. Deep calls unto Deep. Praise God. Kathy
Permalink 02/28/07 @ 11:59
Comment from: Constance Kynnersley [Visitor]
Hooray for Kathy Collins
who put everything very succinctly. I too agree
with Ken Visscher's web-
site, and find him to be
a stable and accurate reporter of the Word of
Life, with no additions
and no subtractions.
Thank God for people who
will not bend with prevailing winds!
Permalink 02/28/07 @ 13:50
Comment from: David F. Jensen [Visitor]
I don't know much about the accepted universalism label. I do know that Ken is not pushing an agenda for that group!It seems the carnal mind in it's natural wisdom has to judge men by labels so "self" can find justification for it's thinking and ideas. Our thoughts(carnal mind) are not God's thoughts (Christ mind). So we are reminded to deny our self(our will)and our carnal mind,take up our cross and follow Jesus. The blueprint for God's thoughts is right in your hand when you take the time to study His Word. His Word is spirit and life but just letters if seen through the 5 senses of our natural thinking. Paul had to remind us to "put on the mind of Christ". The race that is set before us is for those who desire to overcome all things as Jesus overcame and is the pattern(example),Son. That means overcoming all preconcieved ideas about the nature of our Father. Jesus said when you have seen(experienced in spirit)me, you have seen your Father. We have all been taught about faith in a historical Jesus and a historical cross, but you cannot know Christ after the flesh. Instead of deciding what to believe, use your praying ability to get answers to what is Truth. If you lack faith, ask, seek, and knock.These simple suggestions are for your edification and help.As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. I agree with Ken, you have to be serious about your calling and election. We take it serious to maintain a job, make daily decisons that are important, but neglect what is more important: our spiritual progression in God. "Let us labor to enter His rest, ceasing from our own will and works. His yoke is easy and burden light, in His mercy, I pray."
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