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Amazing Works - the LawHead version of "Amazing Grace"

Amazing Works

Verse 1:
Amazing works,
How neat my tomb,
I washed 'til it was clean!

I once was bought,
but now I have found:
The rest is up to me.

Verse 2:
When I've been yoked
With ten-thousand pounds,
and burdened by the Son;

I'll weave all my days,
And work the loom,
that Jesus Christ begun.

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Comment from: kenneth [Visitor]

Oh Christian, dear Christian,
With your eyes wide shut;
Unwilling to see,
How deep is your rut.

Out of tradition you cling,
To your man-made creeds,
Stubbornly trusting in them,
Though God’s grace set you free!

His grace so abounds,
If only you knew;
That His love is His gift,
It’s not what YOU do.

You’ve boxed our God in,
By the doctrines you teach;
Limiting His grace,
But never exceeding His reach.

Our God is so faithful,
To restore all things to Him;
Yet His grace you refuse,
His favor to win.

Break down all the walls,
Of the denominations you’ve built;
And allow God’s love,
To take away all of your guilt.

He’s faithful you see,
For His love knows no end;
He yet knocks at the door,
Won’t you please let Him in?

He sent us His Son,
To die in our place;
That we be restored,
Through His holy grace.

Your works do no good,
To earn you a place;
At God’s holy throne,
It’s His amazing grace!

Your works do no good,
His favor to win;
He sacrificed His Son,
To take away our sin.

Oh let go of your creeds,
Rush quickly to His arms;
And receive His great gift,
And be not alarmed.

For it is man who has told you,
(And you remember it well);
That breaking God’s "rules"
Will place you in "hell".

But "hell" is man-made,
Not God’s will for man;
He’ll restore ALL to Him,
As only His Grace can.

For our Father is fair,
And He made us for Him;
So open your heart, dear one,
And let God’s Grace in!

So don’t let men rob you,
Of our Father’s great plan;
To bring ALL men to Him,
Through the death of One Man!

When you lay down tonight,
Please give God His place;
To surround you in love,
And immerse you in Grace!

I little peom i came across hope you like it.


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Comment from: Len [Visitor]

 I love this stuff. you guys have really got it right on the mark. There's a wonderful line from the old hymn that should ever be on our mind and heart: "JESUS paid it all; all to Him I owe: sin had left a crimson stain. He washed it white as snow."  ~ HE IS OUR PEACE. He has broken down every wall.

blessings in Yeshua Messiah. Len

Permalink 11/04/05 @ 05:03
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·


White as snow!   Yippie! 

This is the good, glad, merry news that makes a man jump for joy ... in other words, this is the Gospel!

Still ripening for the harvest,

Permalink 11/07/05 @ 13:21
Comment from: Dennis Clark [Visitor]

Trent you can add this verse to the Amazing Works Hymnal if you like.  I had the Hymnal labeled Amazing Law                                   Amazing Law! How sour the sound        That buried a Saint like me!                          I once had Joy. but now I've found           I'm sad, and can not see.

Permalink 12/08/05 @ 16:53
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
Good one, Dennis!
Still ripening,
Permalink 12/21/05 @ 08:22

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