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Gracehead is Closed.

If you deeply understood some of the past articles on because they echoed the song in your own heart ... then let nothing distract you from consuming this as a starving man consumes bread:
7/19/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For Suzanne, And For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

The following was brought before The Lord, on Suzanne’s behalf... She said: “I have been thinking of plastering the sides of my truck with something like, ‘Adoption is the Loving Option’. I have not heard either yes or no. The reason I am asking you, to ask The Lord, is that I do not want to take away from what is already on the back tailgate of my truck (the Trumpet Call website sign)”.

Thus says The Lord: Regarding the sign and trumpet, by which you reveal Me and My Word to others, detract not from it... Let it stand alone, a bright and shining lamp post, an ensign for this sleeping generation.
Your intentions are well and good, and the intent of your heart is well pleasing in My eyes, yet trumpet My Word only. For in My word is this cause brought to light, with many strong and fierce warnings. And those who receive My words, concerning abortion, will indeed seek other options, choosing life. And those who reject My word and destroy My gifts, those who murder the little ones, they will receive full recompense for their error!... I AM THE LORD!

Therefore, again I tell you, trumpet My word only, and distract not the onlooker, for that which must be first is set above all, even above the atrocities of men.

So then, warn them from Me...

For I am The ONLY Way!

I am coming quickly!

Apart from Me nothing else matters...

Apart from Me is death and darkness.

Concern not yourself with the little ones, in this manner, for they have always been Mine and will always be with Me. Concern yourself, rather, with those walking into death, with those who tread the wide path, for destruction comes nigh... Behold, it has come already and grows quickly in its fury.

Trumpet loudly, beloved...

In all manner of speaking and devices....

And trust them ALL into My hands.





Many in your life have sinned against you, and all have sinned against Me. Have I not forgiven them through My Sons sacrifice? ~ God [Letters from God and His Christ - Volume 1 ~ The Christian Path]

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