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WDJD - What DOES Jesus Do?

by Trent - From September 2005

Leaving Wal-Mart Saturday, I saw a bumper sticker from someone that goes to Cathedral Of Praise.

It read: "Jesus is healing the sick.(In bold) Cathedral of Praise (the fine print off to the side)"

I had mixed feelings about this. First of all , a lot of things are healing the sick, not just Jesus. Heck, band aids help heal infections, but I'm not going to go and make a bumper sticker about it. I guess this ties in with my "More Miracles In the Church" article from before. But, what I did like about it was that it was talking about what Jesus was doing, instead of what we should be doing.

At church today, I thought of a ton of more important things that Jesus is doing besides "healing the sick" ... and I wrote them down. ; Here is what I came up with:

  • Jesus is uplifting the downtrodden
  • Jesus is delighting the depressed
  • Jesus is giving rest to the weary
  • Jesus is humbling the proud
  • Jesus is purifying the perverse
  • Jesus is quickening the dead
  • Jesus is calming the anxious
  • Jesus is bringing peace to the embattled
  • Jesus is giving understanding to the ignorant
  • Jeuss is providing wisdom for the fools
  • Jesus is redeeming the imprisoned
  • Jesus is giving hope to the destitute
  • Jesus is strengthening the weak
  • Jesus is emboldening the timid
  • Jesus is reviving the spent
  • Jesus is enabling the unable
  • Jesus is helping the helpless
  • Jesus is directing the confused
  • Jesus is transforming the ungodly
  • Jesus is disciplining the rebellious
  • Jesus is loving the unlovely
  • Jesus is giving patience to the hurried
  • Jesus is correcting the deceived
  • Jesus is making sincere the fakers
  • Jesus is providing integrity to the cheats
  • Jesus is perfecting the broken
  • Jesus is fixing the dysfunctional
  • Jesus is protecting the defenseless
  • Jesus is comforting the brokenhearted
  • Jesus is befriending the lonely
  • Jesus is preserving the decaying
  • Jesus is making glad the pitiful

I guess the list could go on and on. But, all of those descriptions of people receiving the grace of God is not a very nice picture. That picture is my exact condition if not for the grace of God.

There are rumors that I am pitiful, a cheat, dysfunctional, unlovely, rebellious, ungodly, and so on. I am here to tell you that those rumors would be the end of the story, except for all the things that Jesus is doing.

So, WDJD for you?


Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
This is most excellent Brother and very inspired. The Lord has blessed you, so by His blessing, of which, you have accepted into your heart you might in turn pour it out again in the blessings of others. From the heart comes forth all things...
thank you Jesus for giving my brother a new heart likened unto Yours, so he might shine brightly for You and draw others by the light You have placed within him. Amen.

To God and to the Lamb be all the glory.
Through the Lamb shall all who ask receive of His glory fullfilled in that glory and love fullfiled in and by Him, the Author and Finisher of our faiths unto eternal life, because of His precious blood shed for us... In Christ Jesus is our Hope and Salvation! Amen.
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Comment from: emilyc [Member] ·
To my dear brother Trent, so..... BEAUTIFUL! I have found what Jesus does.....He does everything on this list for me. I found what He has done....and even more than these! ;) Thank you for taking the time....
Permalink 04/08/08 @ 22:33
Comment from: Tim [Visitor] ·
WIJDRNIMS? What Is Jesus Doing Right Now In My Spirit?
This morning He spoke to me: "Come to me all you who toil and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your soul. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."
Right now in my spirit, He is about to go to sleep.
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Comment from: Matthew Millett [Visitor]
Inspired. Thank You Lord!
Permalink 11/14/10 @ 23:57

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