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Sorry guys ...

Sorry friends, your comments to many blogs have been deleted by Pam. For no known reason, other then what is found in THIS CRYPTIC FAIRWELL, Pam has deleted a bunch of blogs, presumably her own. With those deleted blogs your comments to them were likewise deleted. I apologize, for letting this happen. I never saw it coming.

I have not heard from Pam, so I can't give anybody an explaination. If I left in the manner that she left, it would be for pretty drastic reasons, brought on by THIS BLOG that was written right before her fairwell. But that is only what my motivations would have been for this type of action. Who knows what her real reasons are? She won't reply to messages, or email ... so I only know what can be derived from THE FAIRWELL (which isn't much.)

When on your mind to do so, please pray for our sister, Pam.

When on your mind to do so, please pray for me as well, and my wife. Pray that I will make clear and plain the hope of glory, that is "Christ in you." You have this promise, that whatever heavenly rewards are given to me, will be shared 100% with those that remember to pray for me. I will see that it belongs to you, for whatever reward comes of my actions energized by your prayers.


Comment from: Len [Visitor]
I am SHOCKED at what Pam did.
I will certainly keep her in prayer. It is certainly true that WE ALL need to seek to be more gracious and understanding toward one another. ... all the more so when there is a dispute or a magnified misunderstanding.

I hope she will return. I like Pam, but she *can* (much like the rest of us) be a little hardheaded when there is disagreement.

Keep up the good work, Trent.
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